Friday, September 23, 2016

Paula's Pets

This week's topic for the Marcus Designers is Pets and Paula has some adorable ones. When Paula's daughter Amy decided she wanted a dog, she did her research and convinced her parents that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were the dogs for them and they were a perfect match for the Barnes' family.

Personally I love their coloring and their beautiful eyes!  Lucy was the first Cavalier to make her home with Paula.

Lucy had 2 litters while at Paula's house. Teddy, the only other male in the Barnes's household besides JR, was first.  JR always said that Teddy upped the "manliness" factor. Teddy was also the only Cavalier that wasn't black and white.  This picture was taken in Paula's sewing room.  Teddy would sit in that chair while she sewed and if she got up to get something, he would have to get up and follow her.

Katie was from litter #2 and earned the title of "Paula's favorite".  She was the sweetest dog and at times thought she was human.

Claire is the last of the Cavaliers and she came to Paula as a mature dog.  This picture with Paula's granddaughter Sophie is very accurate because according to Paula, Claire thinks she is a princess!

It was our daughter Megan that led us to owning a dog.  She was deathly afraid of dogs, so we thought owning a dog would help with that and it worked.  Our breed was Keeshonds and we owned 4 of them, but it's my daughter Caitlin's dog that I'm going to share.  Each of my kids have adopted rescue dogs, but Copper wins for handsomest. His reddish color is a true show stopper.  Caitlin has even had women stop and ask for a snippet of his fur to take to their hair colorist!  We joke because he is also a perfect Florida dog because he likes to sun himself!

If you've seen any of our quilts in person, you would have noticed that they come with some dog fur! That's just the way it is when you have pets! I'm sure many of you understand!

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen

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