Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello September!!!

Today is September 1st and tomorrow is Labor Day and now it all makes sense!!!  This morning I found myself in my closet with an urgent need to wear my white pants and white shoes!!!  If you grew up when I did, then you know you only have 1 day left to wear white pants and white shoes!!  I know Clinton and Stacy (What Not to Wear) have laughed at that rule, but man I find it hard to do AND I live in Florida where white pants are a year-long mainstay!!!!

If that wasn't enough to push September on me, I found myself wandering through the Back to School aisles at Target!  Those notebooks and coordinating binders, markers, crayons and pencils were calling my name!  Where I grew up - Long Island -school started the Wednesday after Labor Day and my best friend and across the street buddy Susan and I had a Tuesday evening before the 1st day of school ritual - we packed our pocketbooks.  We went to each others house and put our new pencils, pens, tissues, wallets, etc in the pocketbooks we had just bought at WT Grant's!!  As we grew older and that Tuesday evening found us in different cities preparing to meet our new students the next day, we would call and mentally "pack our pocketbooks" as we caught up with each other.

August may be over, but I managed to get a lot done that last week!!  My two baby quilts came back from the quilter, so I bound the Stacked Coins Baby Quilt for Sebastian and the Charm Squares on Point Quilt for Eveline and actually got them off in the mail.  Side note - Sebastian and Eveline are Susan's grandchildren!!!  

Sebastian's quilt

Eveline's quilt

I finished Harpers Ferry and can I tell you how much I love this one!!!  We have made 4 versions of this quilt, but Paula tried something new this time and used a grey fabric in the alternate blocks - YUMMY!!!!!!  It's on its way to the quilters and the kits are being cut as we speak.  I will let you know when they are on the website!!

Harpers Ferry

Next on my list is Lancaster and I've finished 6 of the blocks.  I really am enjoying this whole pre-cut and bagged option!!!  I open a bag and bam, I'm ready to sew!!  Yes, I know, I'm spoiled, but isn't half the battle recognizing you have a problem!!!  It sure gets quilts done a lot faster and shouldn't that be my priority???? The more I get done, the more samples you have to look at!!!

Lancaster - 6 blocks

I'm going to watch some more of Dexter (I'm on Season 3 and I love it!) while I work on more Lancaster blocks today, but tomorrow is devoted to Hampton Ridge BOM.  It's time to ship the customer patterns to the shops!!!!  That should be an all day process - counting patterns, finding boxes to ship them in, running charges and creating shipping labels!!!!  I know, now you're jealous you can't have this much fun!!!

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen


  1. I am laughing.. I remember the "white pants rule" too. One year I bought a winter white suit and decided I could wear it all year.. but I felt I was doing something quite wrong after Labor Day! Thanks for sharing..Love all your designs!

  2. Been wearing my white pants all week. Tomorrow I lose two pair of pants from my wardrobe. Don't care where you live, white pants and shoes after Labor Day is a sin - my mother and grandmother told me so!

  3. I grew up on the white rule too and I still go by it, even though I never wear white slacks or shoes! Harpers Ferry turned out great and I love Lancaster too!