Monday, May 16, 2016

Mini-retreat fun

As is always the case with our retreats, we had a fantastic time at our mini-retreat in April. Paula was able to fly-in on Wednesday and we kicked off our long weekend with lunch with our dear friend Phyllis Anderson, author of Diamond Quilts.  We met Phyllis on the quilt show circuit and became fast friends.  Phyllis and her husband Bob live near Sarasota, so I get to see them pretty often.  I have to say that we are all looking pretty good in this picture!!
ME (actually having a good hair day), Phyllis and Paula
We always do a bunch of sewing at the retreat, but I wanted to share the other "fun" things that were going on. On Saturday, Gloria taught a group of six to make a basket.  It was pretty neat to watch and I have plans in my future to make a basket too.  I'm sure you will be wondering why Sara is wearing a large garbage bag while she makes her basket! She was wearing a brand new shirt and using dyed reed to make her basket and when she wet the reed it was starting to run on to her shirt.  Vicky came to rescue and made her a plastic smock! Thank you Vicky!
Gloria and Paula - looking very serious
Gloria, Sara and Tami (Sara's daughter)

Paula and her completed basket.  She stained it when she got back home.
Sunday found Vicky, Paula and I making a last minute run to Rachel's Farmhouse for some much needed items.  Thank you Cindy for staying open for us!!  Paula found 2 great antique quilts, Vicky bought some fabric, but I think I had the most fun - a big galvanized bucket and a beautiful wooden bench found their way home with me.  I've been lamenting the fact that I have run out of places to put quilts and have been forced to store some in a closet.  My new purchases have helped.  Prior to the retreat I asked Gloria if she had a basket to replace the one that I was currently storing quilts in, but was falling apart (bottom falling out!) and she came through for me.  We weren't home an hour and Paula already had the bench decorated and the basket full.  I also had just ordered a collapsible laundry basket, so it was quickly filled up.  Only the bucket remains empty, but it just needs a good cleaning before it is put to work.  The closet should be empty again soon!!
Oh yeah, we had fun!
My "new" old basket from Gloria

My new bench

Collapsible laundry basket filled with quilts
These ladies are all part of our exchanges, so this time we had a couple of completed Star Block exchange quilts.  Congrats to Sara and Anjie for finishing theirs.  I love how the quilts look so different with the different alternate block and sashing colors. Mine is on my bucket list, but I did manage to finish my Churn Dash exchange quilt this Spring.
Sara and Anjie and their quilts
 I worked on quilts for Spring Market, which I will share in the next post in just another day or two!

Until next time,
Happy quilting,
Mary Ellen and Paula




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  1. Retreats are ALWAYS so much fun and it looks like yours was no exception! How fun that some of the gals learned to make baskets - I've never tried that myself but surely can appreciate them! I love the different ways you have displayed your quilts - especially that wire laundry basket. I have a similar one and would like to do the same. Would you be willing to snap another picture of it and email it to me? Can't see it really well with the quilts behind it. My address is