Friday, September 16, 2016


As many of you know (I've only mentioned it about thousand times recently), we are in Market prep or pre-Market crazies as I call it. There are so many exciting things going on at this time - new fabric collections are coming together, new quilts are being designed and pieced, new BOM programs are being launched and so much more.  Over the next few weeks, the talented designers from Marcus Fabrics will be sharing some of this and also some other fun stuff. This week each of the Marcus Designers are sharing about their favorite color.  You may have seen Facebook posts, Instagram posts and blog posts from the other designers and today Paula is sharing her favorite color.  Hmm - can you guess what it is?  Take it away Paula:

When I moved to my new house 3 years ago, I was ready for a change.  You see, my last house was decorated in my 2 favorite colors: red and green.  This was great around Christmas time because all I had to do was put up a tree and it looked like I had decorated the whole house! The red and green combo made me happy all the time, but I wanted a new favorite color!

Thinking of the move and the possibility of using any color I wanted was so exciting to me, but for some reason I had a hard time picking my new favorite color.  For years I carried a little book of swatches in my purse in case I saw something for my home, like a pillow, a new vase or a new rug.  There is nothing worse than buying something only to get it home and find that it is the wrong shade of green... too blue...too yellow.  UGH, what  a head ache.  So what color do you think I finally settled on???

My kids thought I was nuts.  Ok, some would say that black is not a real color, like white is void of color, but I don't agree.  Now you ask, why did I pick black?  Well, remember that little swatch book?  I hated that thing and I wanted to be able to buy something and know it would be the right color. I knew I couldn't go wrong with anything I purchased if it was black.  I also realized that I had always put something black in every room of my house - a lamp shade, set of candlesticks, or a piece of furniture (I love painted furniture).

I have never been unhappy with my choice.  I've always like to wear black because any color looks good with it, so why not for my home.

The first thing I did was paint a large cabinet that my husband had made years ago.  It has always been a sage green.  When I finished the last coat, I knew I had made the right choice.
Cabinet that was originally sage green

As with all of our quilts, eventually the colors that I decorate with end up creeping into Red Crinoline's quilts.  Here are a few of my favorites and they look amazing in my home.

Blue and Grey - usually folded on the foot of the bed
River Road Baskets

Oh, and guess what, both red and green look good with black also! 


ME back again - Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about Paula's favorite color and getting a quick look into her home.  Patterns for all of the quilts shown here are available on our website:
   River Road Baskets       Arlington        Sophie       Blue and Grey

Don't forget to stop by on Monday for Week 3, Block 3 of the Fall Mystery Block of the Week.

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen


  1. I think black or any dark color is getting popular. It's in a lot of new fabric lines for Moda. I really like Sophie but is it a paper or pdf? Thank you.

  2. enjoyed reading the stories, love you both!