Thursday, August 15, 2013

Heading out of town

Peter and I are heading to Louisville tomorrow to see Megan, the oldest child or as she loves to say: "the favorite child".  Oh yes, she is quite comfortable with her birth order and status in the family!!!  Fortunately the other two just ignore her - as well they should.  I thought I would write a quick post before we leave tomorrow and catch you up on what's happening here at RCQ.

First, let's start with the fact that I finished all 96 sets (6 each) of the Snowball blocks!!!!! (insert Hallelujiah chorus here)!!!  That's a set of 48 for Paula and a set of 48 for me.  They have been sorted into 6 piles and bagged and tagged for distribution at the September retreat.  That means 4 of us are done and ready to go.  Guess those twins are going to have to get busy on theirs - no pressure!!!  I've even decided on some fabrics to bring that we can use as borders!!! They are officially crossed off my to do list and now I can move on to something else!!!

Second, I also finished the re-do of Savannah in Paula's Summit Rose collection.  I just love this with the dark set-in side triangles and strip border.  It's a little different than our usual version of Savannah and we also changed the set.  It shortened it by a row and added a row down the side, so now it measures 94"x94" - see we do listen to your requests!!!!  It is on its way to Lynn and Cathy so they can work their quilting magic on it.

Third, I dug a top out of the quilt closet and decided to send it off to be quilted.  This was a Saturday Sensation designed and taught by Paula, Cynthia Regone and Susan Thomson back in 2002 - yes, a golden oldie!!!  I think it was called "Four Seasons".  I have always loved it, but never got around to getting it quilted.  It will need some button embellishments after it's quilted, but I'm just excited to get it done!!!  I even managed to find a fabric (from about the same time) that I can use as a backing!!!  I love "shopping" in the "stash"!!  Guess I'll have to go hunting in the closet again and see what else is hiding in there!!!

And last but not least, I received my next project in the mail yesterday - a re-do of Harpers Ferry in reds and browns.  I'm going to try and make a block or two before we leave, but we'll see how that goes.  I'll share them on Facebook if I get anything done!!!  I still have to pack, too!!

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen


  1. Hello, so nice to see you and gosh, scary, I have just had all my quilts out today, and then I see you picture of the 'four seasons' quilt, I made that too!! But where is it?? It will show up, it is hiding! Alot of memories came out of all the boxes with quilts today, and I even have more, I kept Sharon very busy as you can see here, but there are still more:
    Have a nice trip and maybe I will see you at the festival if I can find a cheap ticket!!

  2. I'm the oldest in my family and as a matter of fact, I like it a lot! I would not say that I'm the favorite though, but I can kick all their backsides! tee hee!
    have a safe trip. I'm glad you did your snowballs, that sounds like fun!