Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In Between Trips

Peter and I arrived home yesterday afternoon from a great weekend in Louisville and now we are getting ready to head to Houston this afternoon!!!  I'm beginning to feel like I'm living on a Southwest airplane!!!

Oldest child, oldest daughter, favorite child (her comment, not ours), and Louisville resident, Megan shared more of her great city.  She has lived there for 9 years and with each visit we get to see something new - restaurants, bars, museums, people, etc!!!  This is a little hard because you like so many of things you've done before, but you always want to try something new and there is plenty of new to try in her section of Louisville - The Highlands - and in downtown or Nulu as they are calling it. For this trip we visited the Farmer's Market (fabulous steaks and veggies for Saturday's dinner), Come Back Inn (dinner Friday), Louisville Beer Store, Holy Grale, Sergio's World Beers, Actor's Theater Block Party, Milkwood (VIP location for Block Party), Comfy Cow (Saturday dessert), Ghyslain (brunch Sunday), Wiltshire on Market (dinner Sunday) and Work the Metal (shopping Monday).

Our Saturday afternoon "rest" before making dinner was watching the SyFy movie, "Sharknado"I have one word to describe the movie - bizarre!!!  I've seen it mentioned on Facebook and thought why not.  It actually made every other bad movie I ever watched actually seem good in comparison.  It was horrible, but we laughed - and moaned - sat through the whole thing and actually talked about it for a good part of the evening!!!  AND they are making a sequel - set in NY this time!!!  My only regret - we weren't in a movie theater, so no movie popcorn and Diet Coke!!!

In between unpacking and repacking, I did manage to make 8 of the blocks for the new Harpers Ferry.  Paula cuts the "components" for each block and bags them before she sends them to me.  This way I can just open a bag and start sewing.  Paula's cutting and bagging is a result of my moving to Florida.  When we lived in the same neighborhood I would cut everything, give it to Paula to arrange for each block and she would give it back to me.  Nice and easy then, but it would involve too much time traveling if we still did it that way. I thought you might enjoy seeing a sneak peek:

25 bags ready to be blocks, contents of 1 bag and the block made from that bag

Here's the 8 blocks I finished and the fabric for the border and alternate blocks.  I'm really loving this new Harpers Ferry!!  We've done it before in reds and browns and then in blues and browns, so it's nice to see it back again in reds and browns.  

Well, time to go get ready for the next trip - Houston bound!!  Paula and I have 2 1/2 days to talk, plan, eat (going to need some Rita's and Tex Mex on this trip) and just enjoy visiting!!!  Harpers Ferry will be my focus when I get back!!  I'm also bringing back some kits with me and I will be bringing them to our Camp Blanding retreat in September to sell - any requests???

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen



  1. Love all your things! Can't wait to meet you.. we will be cruising with you in June and I will be at Houston Market! I too am looking forward to some ritas and tex mex! Have a great day!

  2. Paula was showing us her 'kits' when she was in McKinney last month. They are sweet little packets. It's like having a block of the month packet every day! lol!
    So nice to hear about your trip. Kids are such a blessing, especially when they are older!
    Hope you enjoy your time in Texas. We are having great weather (read: not stifling hot!).

  3. are you really taking requests? if so, i will take a harpers ferry! :-) hey if you have time call me maybe i can meet y'all. i love to be forced to eat mexican food. if not, see you in September.