Monday, September 16, 2013

It's A Guest Room Again - Well, Almost!!!

It's been a busy 2 weeks since I last posted.  I've finished a quilt and started a new one, but a good part of the time was spent on shipping the Hampton Ridge BOM patterns.  Getting ready for the first round of shipping requires that we have large numbers of patterns printed.  How many do we have printed??? - it's always a guess!!!!  So I had thousands of patterns (12 months worth) printed and that meant someone had to stuff them in the pattern bags and then I had to find a place to store all of them!!!  And that's where the title comes from.  They were all stored in my prettiest guest room and finally it's almost back to being a guest room again!!

All of these patterns a "team" of pattern stuffers and I look to my daughter Caitlin to help in that area.  She rounds up a group of friends that are interested in making a little extra $$$ while they watch their favorite TV shows!!!  We have a mom and daughter, a husband and wife and one of Caitlin's fellow kickball/soccer players.  What they each do with the money is even better - paying for granddaughter's dance classes, supporting a Coach handbag addiction, buying more quilt fabric and saving for a cruise!!!  I managed to get pictures of Caitlin and Courtney hard at work.  They were the ones that came up with their corporate titles:  "Director of Procurement"!!!!
Caitlin hard at work!!
Courtney had at work!!!  Check out the quilt on her couch - her Mom's a quilter too!!!

  As I was counting out patterns for shipping, I came across these 2 patterns!!! They were from Caitlin's batch.  I think I may have to bring in a Quality Control Supervisor!!!!!  LOL!!

 The girls are each vying for Employee of the Month!!!  Courtney moved out ahead after successfully stuffing all of her patterns without any errors or papercuts!!!

And when the girls were done, those patterns had to come back to my house.  Where do you store all of these boxes??? Why the guest room, where else!!!  Here's a couple of pictures of what this all looked like.  The table was used for counting.  I could barely move in there, but after 2 weeks I was finally able to get rid of most of the boxes and bins!!!  Check out the last picture - I have a guest room again!!!  Fortunately I don't have any guests visiting until Thanksgiving and hopefully by then the rest of the bins will be gone!!!
Caitlin figured out how to take a panoramic picture with my iPhone.

Thank heavens I didn't need anything out of the closet!!

Guests can even get in the beds now!!!!

During those 2 weeks I did manage to finish the Harpers Ferry re-do and begin the Lancaster re-do!!! 
New Harpers Ferry - love the grey in the alternate blocks

Lancaster re-do - just waiting for its 3 borders - narrow black print, pieced and wide black print

And now it's time to get ready for the September retreat at Camp Blanding!!!!  I'm so excited - what should I bring, where are we going to eat, what are we going to eat, what snacks should I bring, who's going to be there, and on and on!!!!  Definitely bringing Lancaster to finish and Paula is bringing a new quilt from her Bordeaux and Sienna collection for us to work on.  We'll also get to exchange our Snowball blocks - can't wait to see everyone else s!!!  I'm bringing some fabrics we can use for borders.  And then there's always the big question - do we want to do another exchange????

Big night tonight - Fall premieres are beginning - "Bones", and "Sleepy Hollow"
                               Season finale - "Under the Dome"
                               Netflix - last 5 episodes of "Revolution" - I need to finish this before Season 2 begins next week.
     So many choices for viewing while I finish the Spinning Stars for the pieced border for Lancaster!!!
I'll have to be sure my DVR is ready for taping before I leave for the retreat.  I don't want to miss any of my shows!!!

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen


  1. i'm bringing pulled pork for sandwiches and a fresh apple cream cheese cake to share for one meal. it is all ready and waiting for our drive over. about how many are in our group?? love the work you do and i'm excited about sewing with everyone again!!!

  2. I'm trying to contact Paula with no success using the "contact us button". Please have her contact me at Thank you,
    Jean Elliott from Country Sampler Grand Olde Flag gathering.