Monday, March 10, 2014

Busy Weekend

The weather was absolutely beautiful here this weekend and this inspired me to get a lot of different things done and off of my list!!! But before I attempt to impress you with my many accomplishments, let me share another one of Paula's new fabric collections. I think her brain has been working overtime because despite all of the packing and unpacking, she has been designing too!!!  This fabric arrived at my door on Friday and I am anxiously awaiting the cutting instructions for the new quilt Paula has already designed.  I've seen a digital image, but now I want to get into the fabric.  This new collection by Paula with Marcus Fabrics is R & B Tavern and should be at your quilt stores sometime soon.  I'm never quite sure of the store arrival dates.  I just know we have fabric and I get to "play" with it!!!

One of my accomplishments this weekend (and it took time out of 3 days!!) was to pull up all of the ferns that have been growing around 2 of our big trees.  They've been growing and growing and taking over this area and I've been whining and whining for the past year or so that I want them gone.  Well, it seems I was the only one of that opinion, so I just pulled them out myself.  You also need to understand that I don't do yard work at all.  I offer opinions on how it should look, but pull a weed, trim a bush - not my job!!!!  It took 3 days because there were a lot of ferns and I filled the garbage can, my brother-in-law's truck bed and then refilled the garbage can!!! That's a lot of ferns - but it's done!!!!!!

Friday I finished the last of the hexies and diamonds that I cut out and decided to get some more ready.  I'm going to need some hand work on the cruise and these are just perfect!!  As I started to pull fabrics, I realized that my scraps were spread all over the place.  I had some in amongst my stash, some in bins set aside for the hexies and diamonds and some in bins for other projects and this seemed a little crazy.  I spent more time looking for pieces and realizing that they weren't big enough and then finding some in other places - colossal waste of my time.  I remembered an Instagram post with a storage cart and scrap organization and off I went to Joann's. I sorted and organized Saturday and Sunday and also managed to prep 19 sets of hexies and 13 sets of diamonds!!!  I love the organization that the carts provide and even better, they roll!!!  I have to store them in front of a bookcase, so the rolling is perfect!!  I can even roll them right over to my sewing table!!  Both carts are sorted (and labeled) by color - 1 cart is all darks and the other is all lights.
That's the new R&B Tavern fabric sitting on top of the left cart just waiting to be cut!!

I finally got to sit and do some actual sewing on Sunday night.  Tada!! 3 rows of Meredith's quilt - DONE!!!

All in all, a very successful weekend!!  I know I have a lot of RCQ sewing coming up, so I'm trying to be sure other things are done and out of the way so I can concentrate on that.  This weekend was a good start.  I hope all of you enjoyed a great weekend too.

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen


  1. You had a very productive weekend...and it was gorgeous outside...the perfect time to be out here in Florida! Love those to Joann's I go!

  2. Gorgeous fabrics. I LoVe those rolling bins... need to get me some :)