Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscar Night Sewing

I've had TV marathon sewing and Olympic sewing, so why not have Oscar Night Sewing.  I decided that I was going to watch the entire Academy Awards program last night and I am so glad I did!  I managed to complete 10-12 of the blocks for the queen-size Bordeaux quilt that I am making for Mere (Brett, too).  If the show could have continued for just 1 more hour, I probably could have finished the last 4 blocks!!! Oh well, there's still the NCIS LA marathon today!!!  Here's a picture of the 26 blocks that I have managed to finish!!

Now can we talk a little about the Oscars themselves!!  I loved the show and that's probably why I was able to stay up until midnight and still sew!  There were no surprises in the winners, but the ones that won truly deserved it.  That's not to say that the ones that didn't win were any less deserving.  This was a good year for some Oscar-worthy movies and actors!! Ellen DeGeneres was fantastic.  I loved the "selfie" and the pizza.  The acceptance speeches were good with some exceptional ones thrown in - Jared Leto, Lupita Nyong'o , Matthew McConaughey, and Cate Blanchett to name a few.

And then there were the "oh my goodness" moments - John Travolta messing up Idina Menzel's name ( I actually thought he was introducing Adele and I didn't know her last name!!), Kim Novak's frozen face as she announced "Frozen" as the winner in its category, and Goldie Hawn trying to look as young as her daughter!!! Ok, I'll be good now!!

Today I am going to try to get the USPS website to cooperate with me so I can ship the next month's patterns for Hampton Ridge and I'm going to go get my hair cut and colored (my day of beauty!).  It's also our youngest daughter's birthday!  Happy 27th birthday Caitlin!!!  Unfortunately she seems to have contracted some flu/virus and will not be celebrating today.  We'll make up for it later this week!!  Then there's those 4 Bordeaux blocks to finish and a couple of dust ruffles to make and of course, the NCIS LA Marathon!!!

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen



  1. Lovely, Mary Ellen! Your quilt is wonderful as always! Happy birthday to your daughter, hope she is feeling better soon! I am busy cutting a t-shirt quilt, hope to have it done by May when we are coming over! Have a nice week and Happy Quilting!

  2. Love the traditional pattern and colours of your quilt, Mary Ellen. What a good thing to do whilst sitting through the Oscars! If only they knew! xCathy ps giveaway at mine if you like!?