Monday, September 15, 2014

Congratulations to our winners 2!!

Week #7 of the Marcus Fabrics Friends and Companions Sew-Along is over and we would like to thank all of you for your wonderful comments.  You really make all of us feel so good - thank you!!! It's hard to believe that we have completed 7 weeks and from your comments some of you have completed 7 blocks!  Way to go people!!!  I'm seeing finished quilts in your future.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on block exchanges.  I think the key word from all of the comments was "trust" - you just have to trust that your fellow exchangers will follow the rules (if the group provided them), they all understand and can achieve a 1/4" seam, and they will use good 100% cotton quilt store quality fabric!  All good ideas!!  And I was most impressed with no horror stories!!!

This week's 3 lucky winners will each receive one of our favorite patterns, A Quilt for Alice, and 5 fat quarters from Paula's new collection, Olde Townhouse from Marcus Fabrics.  Old Townhouse is featured in our re-do of A Quilt for Alice that you can see in the picture.

Rosemary Youngs: " I love Block exchanges that are simple, I also really like them when there are no specific rules and that it doesn't matter whether you handpiece, machine piece or foundation pieced the Block together.
I really love doing different blocks of the month, they are just addicting and It is just so much fun to do them with friends

Sheila S: " I have only participated in one block exchange-and maybe it wasn't a "real" block exchange. All the ladies in our quilting group made the same size square of their choosing out of Patriotic fabrics and then our leader sewed them together and made a quilt of them to give to a Veteran. This made me feel warm and good inside knowing that one of the brave soldiers who fight for our country will have a good quilt to keep them warm and comforted.
I really like your block. The blue cross in the center really speaks to me!

Cammi: " Don't believe I have ever participated in a block exchange! But if I did, I would want it to be organized, and with specific guidelines. I am really enjoying this Sew Along, can't wait to see what the finished quilt design will be!"

Winners:  Please send an email with your address information to:
Also - will Jeannette - one of our winners from week 2 please contact us with your address information.

My question about exchanges was sparked by my need to complete my blocks for an upcoming Churn Dash exchange and I have good news - I AM DONE!!!!  All blocks are completed, bagged, labeled and ready for distribution at our next Camp Blanding retreat (end of September).  Now I hope you are all impressed with my completion and the fact that there are 2 weeks before they are actually due!!  The emails and texts about everyone's blocks have been flying around all week.  The list of "Done" people is growing.  The comment that probably got the most laughs and comments - "If we are all making these blocks in the 2 weeks before they are due, why do we give ourselves a year to work on them.  Why not just give ourselves 2 weeks!" Personally, I need the full year - 11 months and 2 weeks to think and plan and 2 weeks to get 'er done!!

Part of my reason for not waiting until the absolute last minute was an upcoming visit to Louisville to see our daughter and another Market quilt that needed to be made.  I started on the new quilt Saturday and here's the pile of star points from this weekend's sewing!  Before I started on the last of my Churn Dash blocks, I finished our 2 color quilt for Market.  It's off to the quilters for their magic.

I just love this quilt!!
It's hard to believe that seven weeks of our Sew-Along are done and this week is block 8 from Dolores Smith of Homestead Hearth. Be sure to visit their blog on Friday, September 19.  I promise you are going to love this one too;  it's another beauty!!

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen


  1. Wow, that's a big pile of star points! Can't wait to be able to see their fabrics a little better, you and Paula have such great taste. And good for you for doing that Churn Dash block exchange ahead of schedule, too!

  2. Could you elaborate a little more on your churn dash swap? I am in a group of friends and we are always doing swaps. The churn dash swap sounds like a great one to do next. Please explain how you do it and how many are in the swap. Thanks!

    1. This is a great swap for a group. We have 12 ladies. Paula designed a quilt for us using 120 5" finished Churn Dash blocks and 120 5" finished half-square triangles. We each make 10 sets of 12 Churn Dash blocks (5 light and 5 dark) and 10 sets of 12 half-square triangles. Each person will receive 5 light Churn Dash blocks, 5 dark Churn Dash blocks and 10 half-square triangles from each member of the group. Blocks must be all 1800's reproduction fabrics and the light we used could not be white or a shirting - more tan. Blocks are due in 1 year. The year before we did a Snowball block exchange, but I don't have the details any more on that one. Again all reproduction fabrics - blues, navys, browns and tans. Good luck with your next one. Can't wait to see what Paula has planned for us for our next one!