Monday, October 6, 2014

Congratulations to our winners!!

Well you've dazzled us again with all of your positive comments and feedback, so without further ado (drum roll in the background), here are our randomly selected winners:
     Marcus Fabrics Friends and Companions Sew-Along quilt:
   Mary Ann
      "The finished quilt is stunning. Although I do not participate in many mystery quilt-a-longs, I knew this would be beautiful. All of the designers are known for making beautiful quilts. Each designer put their own spin on the blocks and I'm very happy I participated. Thanks to everyone for this amazing quilt and the opportunity to win prizes each week."

    Basket of Goodies:
"No worries that I wouldn't like this mystery! From the fabric choices to seeing Pam's first block it's been great! Hope you do this again next summer! Thanks so much!"

Mary Ann and Lori, if you would please contact me at  with your address, I will arrange to have your prizes shipped to you.

Thank you again to everyone that participated and commented.  We enjoyed bringing the Sew-Along to you and it was so nice to read all of your positive and encouraging comments and we hope you will join us on our next one!  Now I will look forward to seeing your completed quilts in the photos you are going to send me!! Any pictures I receive by November 2nd will be posted in the weeks following.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming, no blogging!!  I'm sure if you asked any of the designers that participated in the Sew- Along what they were currently working on, it would be quilts for Fall Market!!  It is our current obsession.  Market is October 25-27 in Houston, TX and we are all doing that last minute push - piece, bind, photograph, and write!!  Personally, up until Thursday I went to bed every night thinking about Market and woke up ready to start another day working on Market quilts. I finished our last quilt on Thursday and now it is in the hands of the quilter and binder, but now it's time to concentrate on names and the actual patterns. Now would we have it any other way - of course not!!  We love what we are doing!!

Fall came to St. Pete yesterday - 65 degrees Saturday night!!!  Can you say "heaven"???  We had the doors and windows open all day yesterday!  Temps in the low 70's and best of all, no humidity!!  Will it last?  Probably not, but we are enjoying it for the time being.  Friday, Peter and I head to upstate NY for some much needed granddaughter time.  Also looking forward to Fall colors, temps and maybe even some apple picking!

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen 


  1. Enjoy the lovely fall weather. I can't wait to see your new designs in Houston.

  2. Congrats to the winner and enjoy your sewing Fall Market projects and can´t wait to see them!

  3. I'm a winner! ! So excited! Sent my address in an e-mail. My birthday is Wednesday, couldn't ask for a better surprise! ! Thanks so much! ! !

  4. I've finished my quilt and want to email a copy but I don't see where we can do that. Can you give me your email address. Thanks.