Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Playing Grandma

Well, yes indeed there does seem to be life after Sew-Along!!!  We still have a few things to do for Market, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Thank you again to everyone that participated in the Marcus Fabrics Friends and Companions Sew-Along.  I have already received pictures of 3 beautiful quilt tops - are the rest of you feeling a little pressure now?  Keep sending them and I will post them after I return home from International Quilt Festival (around November 5th).

The quilts are all finished for Market and now it's time to finish up the paperwork - patterns, brochures, order forms, etc.  I head to Houston on Monday and we begin packing the trailer for Market and Festival.  First we will head to our favorite mani/pedi place and I can't wait.  Nothing beats Model Nails when it comes to a mani/pedi - it almost makes packing the trailer a pleasant experience (really - not)!

Today I am writing from Ballston Lake, NY (near Albany and Schenectady).  Peter and I are playing Grandma and Grandpa for a few days while my son and daughter-in-law are in Las Vegas  for a conference.  It is so nice to be able to help them and to spend some time with our 2 beautiful granddaughters - Sydney (6) and Julianne (4). We are having a fantastic time and the weather has been glorious!

Saturday was a birthday party and time at a nearby playground for swings and a mini-hike.  Sunday was our big day and the weather cooperated - warm and sunny all day.  Now, you will probably recall that I spent 8 days with Peter in July as he did the Erie Canal Bike Ride, but apparently I "missed" a few things and he had some things he wanted to share with the girls.  We started the day at St. John the Evangelist Church in Schenectady.  This is the church where Brett and Meredith were married and all I can say is "WOW"!!  Did you see the movie Beyond the Pines with Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper?  This is the church that was in that movie.  It was built in the early 1900's and is probably about 5-6 stories high.  Best statement ever to describe the seating was made by my brother-in-law when he walked in for the wedding - "Wow, stadium seating!!".The pews are all the original wood.  The entire front of the church and altar is marble. I'll share some pictures, but trust me, my little iPhone pictures don't do it justice.

We spent the afternoon driving around and looking at sections of the Erie Canal near Albany.  Cohoes Fall illicted an "awesome" from Sydney (guess we'll have to take them to Niagara Falls next)!  We stopped in Waterford (where the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers meet) and checked out the current lock and part of the original old lock system.  Thank you New York State Canal System for the Activity Book we picked up there.  It has all the words to "The Erie Canal" song that we had started to teach them this summer.  Julianne entertained us this morning with a rendition of almost the entire song herself - won't mommy and daddy be pleased with what they learned!!!
Cohoes Fall
Waterford, NY

The girls love that Grandma has to get her glasses every time I need to read something.  Last night they decided to wear them - fortunately I travel with 2 pairs!!!  Seeing them in my glasses made me think of being a librarian - it's in their genes (grandma and great-grandma were both elementary school librarians!)  Future  Librarians of America - here come 2 new members!
And that's The Erie Canal book they are holding!
We decided to take it easy on Monday and our big event was an outing to Friendly's.  I don't know who enjoys it more - me or the girls!!! Granddaughters and a Happy Ending sundae - my life is complete!!
Today was a school day for Sydney and we decided to keep Julianne's day care schedule (and Grandpa and I each had work to do), so we got up early for a regular Tuesday. Both girls decided (on their own, no coaching from Grandma) to wear the skirts I made for them.  They were so cute in them and want me to make more - pink butterflies for Julianne and blue hearts for Sydney. I think I should be able to find some of those fabrics at Festival - like I need an excuse to shop!!

We sadly have to head home on Friday.  We'll miss the girls and the weather - still warm in St. Pete and Houston - but everyone is coming to visit for Thanksgiving. YAY!!!

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen



  1. Would you and Paula consider publishing a calendar about the Civil War, fabrics, quilts, etc. I would be your first customer!!!!!

  2. There is never enough hours in a day to spend with our grandkids.