Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spring Market 2015 and We are READY!!

It's hard to believe it's actually here - Spring Market 2015 and even better - we are ready.  All of the quilts were finished on time - does Monday at 3 PM count?  Paula was able to get on a plane to Minneapolis on Tuesday morning with all of the quilts she needed.  I have to tell you that is a good feeling.  A special thank you goes out to everyone that was involved in getting us ready - the quilters, the binders, the photographer, the printer.

Paula has finished setting up the booth and I have some great pictures to share with you.  You've seen all of the quilts as I pieced them, but now you can see them in all of their quilted glory.
Our 2 re-do's - Sherman's March and Old Abe
Tanner Legacy and Union tents (on the screen)

Blue and Gray
Davenport and Bonnie Blue on the quilt rack

 Our booth is set up next to Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts.  Both Pam and Paula design fabric for Marcus Fabrics.  Pam drove over from the Chicago area and was kind enough to bring "decor" for Paula to use in our booth.  I think they also did a quick trip to the 2-story Target that is downtown.  I heard someone refer to it as "the mother ship".
Red Crinoline Quilts all ready for customers on Friday
Heartspun Quilts

As Paula worked away in Minneapolis, I strapped myself to the sewing machine at home and finished our next BOM quilt.  Yes, it is DONE and heading to the quilter today.  Then I am heading to Mobile, AL for our goddaughter's graduation from high school.  Should be a great family weekend.

I'll share pictures of Market next week.  Have a great weekend.  Then it will be time to start thinking about Fall Market.  Paula has some great new collections coming out!!  The fun never ends!

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen


  1. Looks wonderful! Looking forward to the coming pictures -- thanks for all you do to bring us such amazing fabric and quilts!

  2. It`s fantastic.Have fun and enjoy. Please, share pics!!

  3. Love them!! When will they be on your web site?

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