Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Out the door again!

It's been crazy around here - as usual - and I know I promised pictures from Spring Market.  Paula was in the booth alone, so she didn't really get a chance to get out and see much, but our dear friend Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts did get a few of their fellow Marcus designers, so I am sharing her blog post today.  Check out Pam's post Down the Aisle at Spring Market for some great pictures of the Marcus designers.  Thank you Pam for letting me share that.

I've spent my post-Market time on some personal sewing - quilt for Caitlin's new apartment, baby quilt and exchange blocks - and I will share photos next time, but right now I'm getting ready to head out the door for our Rhine River cruise - 4 days in Amsterdam and then 7 days on the Tranquility II, an Avalon river boat.  I will share pictures when I return!!

In addition to the usual tourist stops, I plan on visiting Den Haan and Wagenmakers for some of their gorgeous Dutch Heritage fabric.  I even packed an extra duffel bag to help me get my purchases home!!

See you in about 2 weeks!  

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen

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