Monday, July 13, 2015

It's Bike Ride Time

Well we arrived safely in Syracuse last Wednesday after our time in Louisville.  We stopped in Appomattox, VA on Tuesday to visit a dear friend - Cindy Megginson.  Cindy worked with us when we ran our warehouses and she lived in Texas.  She and husband Joe have officially retired to land that has been in Joe's family since the 1700's (how's that for history).  They are currently living in their 5th wheeler (8 months now), while they build their dream retirement home.  We toured the house and all I can is - I want to retire and live with Cindy and Joe!!!  I'm hoping they will adopt me!  Their new home is going to be beautiful and absolutely perfect for some mini-retreats.  Paula and I are already checking our calendars and making some plans.  Good luck and best wishes Cindy and Joe!  Wish we could have  stayed longer - it was so nice to visit and catch up and I just know there are things I forgot to tell her.

Thursday Peter and I and his brother Steve and wife Anne hit the road and did a throwback Thursday tour.  Anne grew up in North Syracuse and Peter, Steve and I went to college in upstate NY (P/S - Cornell and ME - Cortland).  It was a raining day, but it was great for driving through Cortland and Ithaca, seeing the sights, reminiscing and visiting new things - particularly the new breweries and wineries in the area!  We checked out Ithaca Beer Co, Cortland Brewing Co, Kings Ferry Winery/Treleaven Wines and Frosted (great bakery in Cortland).  I couldn't resist a stop in front of my sorority house in Cortland - Arethusa - still as beautiful as it was many years ago.

Our plans for the rest of the weekend were to head to Steve and Anne's lake house on Lake Ontario and get Peter to Buffalo for the start of the Cycle the Erie Canal Bike Ride. Two cars were needed, so the guys took a scenic drive around Oneida Lake and Anne and I took a scenic drive to Patchwork Plus in Marcellus - trust me, it was better to do it this way!! I needed fabric for the back of the t-shirt quilt I'm working on and there's always the possibility I'll find something else I "need".  And of course, I did.  The black and white fabric is the backing fabric, the floral is from Olde Green Cupboard Designs (Gloria's ) and I think it will be for the granddaughters and The Christmas Story fabric is a potential gift for someone.  Anne spotted this wall hanging and feel in love with it, but wouldn't buy the kit.  I bought it and will bring it to  Florida were I will save it for her to work on when they come for their 2 months next winter.  Judy Sheridan (who works at Patchwork Plus) designed it and used fabrics from Paula's collections - Companions and Border Companions.

We did meet Heather, the store manager, and did take a picture, but for some reason it has disappeared from my phone!  Thank you Heather for such a nice visit.  We also found more of Gloria's Farmhouse Blooms collection from Marcus Fabrics.

Saturday afternoon I drove Peter to Buffalo for the bike ride.  I am not his personal SAG vehicle this year.  He will be staying in Tent City with some of the other riders and I will be staying in Syracuse and then Ballston Lake and doing some sewing.  We will get together Tuesday night so I can get the dirty, stinking bike clothes and wash them and get them back to him on Wednesday night in Syracuse.  I would love to know what the other riders do with their laundry - hmmm!  The ride started Sunday morning and he has completed day 1 and now half of day 2.
Peter's "home away from home" from the next 7 days.  They set up 120 of these tents every day!

Check out this license plate I saw while we were driving on the Thruway!  I think it's time for my own vanity plate.  We were in traffic, but I had just enough time to take the picture. I really wanted to just yell out - Hey, me too!!

While he's been biking, I've been sewing.  I finished Month 1 blocks from Latimer Farms and I'm off to Kinko's today so I can print months 2 and 3 and get busy on them.  I worked on the t-shirt quilt - I am so close to having it completed, but I'm waiting on the last 4 signature blocks.  Once  those go in, its borders and off to the quilters.  This one has a definite deadline - has to be to her before she leaves for college!!  I also cut out the fabrics for a new Sophie quilt.  I love this quilt - it  is so easy to do.  I also have the fabric for a small table runner with me, but once we get to Ballston Lake  and the granddaughters, the sewing time will decrease, so I am working hard to get a lot done before I leave here.

Just a reminder - our sale is on through Tuesday.  Apparently there are still a couple of those "onesies" kits.  Check out the website, Red Crinoline Quilts and see what's still available. 

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen

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  1. Arethusa! I saw the photo of the house and recognized it immediately. Did you go to the Arethusa reunion which was held earlier in July in Cortland? It was part of Alumni Weekend at the college.