Monday, July 20, 2015

Vacation - Phase 3

Our vacation is beginning to wind down.  On Thursday we "transitioned" from Syracuse to Ballston Lake and trust me, that is not an easy move.  Suitcases, sewing machine, sewing table, projects, bicycle, sleeping bag and assorted items all have to be reloaded back into the van and then unloaded (and set up) at the next place. We are now at our son's place and beginning our week with the granddaughters.

Peter finished the ride in Albany on Sunday and other than his fall (rode through a puddle that was actually a 6" deep pothole) on Tuesday (and the resulting 6 stitches in his elbow) all went fine.  This year he decided he would "camp" with the riders at the overnight locations and not worry about staying in hotels like we did last year.  After a couple of nights on an air mattress in a tent he couldn't stand up in, he began to see the benefits of staying in hotels - a good night's sleep!!  We'll have to see what next year brings.  A thank you to the weather gods for providing another year of good riding weather - always a big help to the riders!

While Peter was pedaling his way across NY, I was happily stitching away on the Latimer Farms BOM quilt.  I've finished months 1-3 now.  Sorry I can't share the blocks yet, but here's the fabrics you'll be seeing in months 2 and 3. I also finished the t-shirt quilt for my niece and that is on it's way to Sharon Dixon of Katy T-Shirt Quilts to work her quilting magic. Again, I'll share a picture of it after she has received it.

Now that I'm in Ballston Lake, I have a new set up for my sewing "stuff".  Thank heavens I have understanding family.  I come to visit and then take over part of a room so I can sew!!  In Syracuse I set up in the living room, so I would have a TV right in front of me and in Ballston Lake, I'm in the living room too, but have a different view - nice front yard. And here, I have help - Sydney and Julianne!!
Ballston Lake

I shared the fabrics for a new Sophie quilt in my last post.  I pieced the half-square triangles in Louisville, cut and pressed them in Syracuse and finally put them in the design wall in Ballston Lake.  Sydney helped me with arranging them and then last night they each "sewed" 2 rows!  Trust me, you can't beat help that is this cute!

This week is Grandma/Grandpa Camp and yesterday we planned our "activities" - Minions movie and Cohoes Falls today, Saratoga County Fair and a couple of boat rides later this week.  There's also time in the pool, lunch at Friendly's and just chillin' with Grandma and Grandpa.  I can't wait!!!!  Best week ever!!

We'll be heading back to Florida on  Sunday - 2 loooong days in the car - ugh!!  I have my Over the River embroidery with me and my goal is to finish my first panel - one huge tree left - I can do this!! Oh, and after we get unpacked and settled back in at home, I have to repack for our 5 day retreat at Camp Blanding - YAY!!!

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen


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