Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ohio Star and Hourglass Blocks

Ask Paula what her favorite quilt block is and the immediate response will be - Ohio Star.  This is her all-time favorite quilt block, with 4" Star blocks coming in a quick second.  Now I love the Ohio Star block too, but I immediately realize that the Ohio Star block has hourglass blocks in it and those are going to be a bit of a challenge to make them perfectly. Do you feel the same way about them?  I can sense that some of you are nodding your heads in agreement.  Let's see what we can do about that.

Yesterday on the Martingale's "Stitch This" blog, Jenny addressed hourglass blocks and shared our tip from our Tributes and Treasures book.  Check out Jenny's post here:  Stitch This: The Hourglass Block: a trimming trick.  Yes, the trick is making the blocks a little larger and then trim them down. I love when you get to make something bigger and then trim it down (ah, if only we could do that in real life, but again a topic for a future blog). If I'm not making a lot of HST's and using Spinning Stars Half Square Triangle paper, then I will also you the same technique of making them larger and trimming to the size I need.  This way I know they are perfect.  I don't know about you, but that 1/4" seam can be such a challenge sometimes.  I can sense those heads nodding again! For trimming hourglass blocks and HST's I recommend the 4" and 8" Bias Square Ruler from That Patchwork Place.  I'm sure you can find them at your local quilt shop.

Also in the post is the story about Martingale's CFO who was celebrating his 10th anniversary with the company and selected our Antique Star quilt as the quilt he wanted to celebrate his 10 years.  Meanwhile, I would love to work for a company that gives you a handmade quilt after 10 years!!  I sure hope there are some company bosses reading this blog!! ( I know, wishful thinking on my part).  It's a great story and congratulations Keith on your 10 years as CFO. Paula and I were so proud to hear that he had chosen Antique Star.

The hourglass block trimming technique is just one of the tips and techniques that you will find in Tributes and Treasures.  Haven't bought your copy yet, click here and it will take you right to our website where you can purchase your very own autographed copy:Tributes and Treasures  Antique Star is right there on the cover!

Thank you Jenny and Martingale for such a great blog post. And in case you are wondering, there will be a new Ohio Star block quilt in our 2nd book. It's sitting in the "To Do" bin waiting for it's turn at the sewing machine.  Definitely post-Market and Festival!

I've been busy this week remaking the blocks for our Fall Mystery Block of the Week.  I'm testing our pattern for accuracy and making the block that we will share with each week's pattern.  If you've ordered your kit, you should already have it in your hands, anxiously awaiting your first set of instructions.  Remember to head to our blog on Monday, September 5th for Block 1 instructions. If you haven't ordered yet, kits are still available and can be ordered through our website: Fall Mystery Block of the Week

The "To Do" bin is calling my name.  My next decision - what do I want to watch on TV?  Should I start a new series?  Maybe a movie - classic, disaster, comedy?  So many choices!!

Until next time, happy quilting!
Mary Ellen



  1. I am looking forward to the mystery! I LOVE the book Tributes and Treasures. After the book came out I scoured the internet stores for the stripe used in Antique Star but to my knowledge it is out of print. What stripe would you recommend for the pattern from one of Paula's collections? Thank you