Wednesday, August 31, 2016

WOW Wednesday!

WOW Wednesday you ask. It's a new feature on our blog!  Each Wednesday we will highlight one of our quilts and it's kit. Since so many of you don't usually get to see our quilts up close and personal and honestly, they are just WOW when you can see and touch them; we decided to start WOW Wednesday. We're hoping that some up, close pictures of the quilts will give you a better feel for them. First up on our first WOW Wednesday, is Cumberland Valley! This is a square quilt(another favorite of Paula's - she loves square quilts) and it measures 82" x 82".

Let's start with colors: reds, browns and cheddar - YUM!! Red is probably one of Paula's favorite colors and then she went and threw in a little brown and topped it off with cheddar.  What could possibly go wrong with this combination??? Oh and it has a beautiful stripe border too! Yes, it's lots of HST's, but don't feel intimidated because we use Spinning Stars half square triangle paper.  These papers will guarantee that your HST's will be perfect and of course we include them our kit! 

I mentioned the stripe border, but this quilt has 4 beautiful borders and each one works perfectly in the total quilt package.  The stripe border is mitered and our pattern has easy to understand directions for you. Cumberland Valley features beautiful custom quilting by Marcella of Crooked Creek Quilts.

Check out our website for kits and patterns for this beauty. Click on the links below:
     Cumberland Valley pattern                       Cumberland Valley kit

I hope you've enjoyed our first WOW Wednesday.  Stop by next Wednesday and see which quilt is up next for it's glamour shots and moment in the sun!

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen

PS - Fall Mystery Block of the Week starts on Monday. Be sure you stop by for your week 1/block 1 pattern. Kits are running low, so order yours today!
     Fall Mystery Block of the Week kit



  1. Beautiful! Thank you for WOW Wednesdays! HUGS... and stitches

  2. Love the color combinations. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to the next WOW Wednesday.