Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fall Mystery Block of the Week 4/Block 4

Our title Fall Mystery Block of the Week is now official!!  Fall is here!! Are you seeing any signs?  I live in Florida, so trust me, there's no signs of Fall here.  According to weather statistics, we are having a hotter summer than previous years!  Who knows when cooler weather will ever get here!  I'll stop my whining now and without further adieu, here is Week 4/Block 4 and check it out - no pinwheels!!

I usually write the post for the Fall BOW on Sunday and schedule it to post on Monday morning, but this one required a lot of pre-planning between Paula and I. Paula has to provide me with the link and then post it on the website. I will be at our retreat in Camp Blanding this weekend and I didn't want to have to worry about WiFi service and time away from friends and sewing.  Paula is going to be at the Ole Miss/Georgia football game in Oxford and didn't want to have to worry about bringing her computer and of course, missing any of the game or other festivities. It's all a matter of priorities! You should all be very impressed that this all came together before we headed out for our respective trips.  Sometimes things actually work the way you plan them! 

Thank you for all of your kind comments about this BOW.  Have you enjoyed this?  Would you like us to do it again? We would appreciate hearing from you.

Well, time to finish packing and get ready for the retreat.  Phyllis is on her way and then we will pack the car, get some lunch and get on the road.  Sonny's for dinner tonight!!

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen


  1. BOW's are fun! I think that most of us have more time available in the early months of the year. Say, January, February, March for maybe a Spring BOW? I'm going to try and start stitching this Fall BOW Thanksgiving weekend.... probably in a Christmas colorway...

  2. I like pinwheels! It's the flying geese that's my challenge! But I'm ok with whatever because that's how I become a better quilter!! Thank you! I like quilt alongs anytime!!

  3. I LOVE this block! I have made two of your patterns using this block. Love the BOM too! I would make the next one BOM and the next BOM etc----Thank you!

  4. The blocks are beautiful, and I love your BOW or anything else you want to share!

  5. Thank you for this great BOW... am enjoying it very much- love the blocks so far, it looks like it's going to be very cute! Have been using my 1/2 yd bundle of Latimer Farms plus other Paula fabrics thrown in. Yes, I do hope you do another sew-along in the future!