Sunday, October 2, 2016

Crazy Week

Last week was an absolutely crazy week for both Paula and I.  We each had great weekends - retreat for me, Georgia football for Paula (yes, they lost, but she had a great time anyway), but then it went a little south from there. We're on so many deadlines: Market, Festival, book, etc. that any little glitch throws us into a dizzy. At one point last week, Paula couldn't send or receive email, the post office had lost a small quilt, I miscut one of the fabrics for a re-do quilt, I forgot to write the WOW Wednesday post and that's just the top 4 issues! But all is right in RCQ world again.  Paula has email, the little quilt was found, I found more of the fabric I had miscut and the quilt will be done in time and all of you survived without WOW Wednesday!

The topic for last week for the Marcus Designers was: your favorite quote, and here's what Paula has to say:
  My Granny Waller was a quilter.  She died before I started quilting, but I often wish I could ask her questions and share the love of making something with our hands that can be passed on to the next generation.
  She quilted with a group of ladies from her tiny country church.  They set up a frame in one room of the church and set around this square frame quilting, telling stories and I'm sure, settling the problems of the world as they saw it. I have a short 5 minute video from one of these meetings and I treasure that little glimpse into her life.
  My granny was very down to earth and generous to a fault. Everyone in her small community, from the oldest to the youngest, knew who she was. (ME here: Paula has told me wonderful stories of how her granny cooked a big meal every Sunday and anyone from the community was welcome to come and eat).
  I remember, when I was a little girl, asking her if I was pretty. She told me, "Pretty is, as pretty does." I've always remembered that quote and tried to live by it.  The lesson I learned from that is to be kind to others and that it's what's inside you that counts and not your physical appearance that matters the most.
   I sure do miss her and think of her often when I am working on a quilt.

Thank you Granny Waller for those wonderful words to live by. 

Here's to a calmer week for this week!  Monday is Fall Mystery BOW Week 5/Block 5; I will try to remember to actually post on WOW Wednesday; and now that I have the fabric I will actually be able to finish the re-do of New Market!

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen


  1. Are there still fabric kits available?

  2. What a sweet story, I remember when I was a little girl my great granny Yates and her next door neighbor would sit and quilt around a square frame that hung in her living room from chains affixed to the ceiling. Wish I had a video, but I think that why quilting is in my DNA ��. Jackie

  3. I don't have those memories as one grandma was on the East Coast and we lived on the West, and my Mother was adopted and I didn't know her Step Mother. My Mother did sew my clothes so I learned to sew from her.
    Will you have block 5 tomorrow or the weekly quilt along? Maybe I missed it. Thank you.