Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Mystery BOW Week 5/Block 5

Here we are with Week 5/Block 5 of the Fall Mystery Block of the Week.  It's hard to believe it's halfway over. Are you thinking about how we're going to arrange these blocks or are you planning to do a design of your own? I'm looking forward to seeing your reaction to our setting and also your designs.  Here's Week 5/Block 5:

I've enjoyed reading your comments and it looks like we'll plan on doing something like this again. We usually do such big quilts, that it was really nice to do something a little smaller.  That doesn't eliminate the chance of a big quilt though.  We'll have to see what Paula is moved to do next!

I thought I would share some more blocks from people using their own fabrics. Please feel free to send us your photos.  Not everyone is using 1800's reproduction fabrics, so I love to see everyone's color and fabric choices.
I love Catherine's color choices and background selections.

I'm guessing that Cindy is leaning towards a Christmas quilt. Love her colors!
We've had a few comments about the size of the squares we have you cut when you are making HST's.  Yes, these squares are larger (3 1/4") than what many other designers may have you cut, but we like to give you enough fabric to insure you end up with a perfect HST. This size allows for variations in cutting and seam allowance and provides a good amount for trimming off. We've also provided enough fabric in your kits, so you are not in jeopardy of running out of fabric.

I have another busy week to look forward to and then it's off to NY for the weekend to see family.  Hopefully we'll have some beautiful fall weather.  I'm dreaming about fall colors, apple picking, apple cider and cool crisp days! 

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen


  1. Thank you to you and Paula for sharing these beautiful blocks with us. Personally, I like making the squares bigger and trimming to size. The blocks are perfect when done this way. I love reading your newsletters and seeing what the two of you are up to.

  2. these blocks and your directions are awesome!

  3. I emailed the photos of mine so far to one of you searched to see where to post was not having luck sorry

  4. I emailed the photos of mine so far to one of you searched to see where to post was not having luck sorry