Wednesday, October 12, 2016

WOW Wednesday V

I'm so proud of myself - I remembered it was Wednesday AND I have a couple of different wow's to share with you! Just remembering is also a WOW!!  Gotta love old age!

First WOW to share is our Gettysburg quilt.  We have had 2 versions of this quilt. As you know, when we sell out of a kit, we will often remake the quilt in new fabrics.  This always depends upon whether Paula finds (or designs) a collection of fabrics that she feels will work with the quilt design.  The first Gettysburg featured Paula's Tavern Blues collection (oh how I loved that collection). The kits sold out pretty quickly too.  We were working on our Latimer Farms BOM quilt and Paula decided that the Latimer Farms collection would be a good match for the Gettysburg quilt. We like to offer a second option with a BOM fabric collection.  Not everyone wants to participate in a BOM program, but they like the fabrics and want to use them in another quilt.  

The second WOW for the Gettysburg kit is:  IT"S ON SALE! 25% OFF! Here's the link to the website:
         Gettysburg Kit - Sale  

Gettysburg is a square quilt and measures 72"x72", a perfect throw quilt size.  The Latimer Farms version features that yummy olivey green color as the sashing and uses the stripe as the inner border.  It was quilted by Sharon Dixon.  Here are some up close pictures to show off the blocks, the beautiful colors and gorgeous quilting.

WOW #3 is not quilt related.  I'm in upstate NY (Saratoga area) visiting my son, my dil and 2 beautiful granddaughters and we've had some time to check out the scenery.  I can honestly say that the colors are not as beautiful as they usually are at this time of year, but they've had some warm weather and you need cold nights to bring out the gorgeous reds and oranges that are the hallmark of Fall.  We took the girls to Lake George on Monday and Cohoes Falls on Wednesday (school holidays). Luckily the past 3 days have been absolutely beautiful - blue skies and temps in the 60's.  The photos of Lake George are from the top of Prospect Mountain. We had hoped to ride the Minnie Ha Ha again, but that didn't work out.  It was pretty cool on Monday, so I think it was probably a little too cold for a boat ride.

Cohoes Falls is actually very close to where they live, so it's a regular spot for us to visit.  Today was the first time that I read one of the informational signs and discovered that the big factory-like buildings that are now apartments were originally Harmony Mills. Built in 1872 on the bank of the Mohawk River, the mill complex (4 mills, office, powerhouse, picking building, dam, gatehouse by the falls and blocks of workers' housing) was the largest textile mill in the US and perhaps the world. Cohoes became known as the "Spindle City." I googled Harmony Mills when we got back to the house and the history was pretty interesting.  Who knew?? It wasn't a part of the New York State History that I learned, but then I'm not from this area of NY.
Cohoes Falls - the river is definitely low for this time of year.

WOW #4 - yes it is big day!  We have 10 kits on sale this week, so check them out:
The sale runs through Saturday, October 16, so be sure to shop early for the best selection. Quantities are limited.

We're heading home tomorrow and rumor has it that the weather in St.Pete has cooled off a little.  I sure hope so.  I've enjoyed the much cooler weather here and want to enjoy some more of that. Next week I leave for Houston - pre-Market and Festival preparation. I think we're ready, but there's always something that pops up at the last minute.

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen


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  1. Thank you for a very enjoyable post. Is there another Block of the Week or are they all done now? Thank you.