Monday, October 31, 2016

Fall Mystery BOW Week 9/Block 9

Well folks, we've made it to to Week 9 - the last week for blocks.  Next week will be the finishing instructions. I would say those weeks went by pretty quickly. We hope you've enjoyed our little Fall Mystery Block of the Week and that you will join us if we decide to do it again. Here's block 9:

Paula and I are finishing up International Quilt Market today.  We set-up on Thursday and Friday and the show began on Saturday.  We've been busy, but I think that probably the best part has been seeing old friends and making new ones.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we set-up for International Quilt Festival and that show opens on Wednesday night and runs through next Sunday.  By then I will be totally exhausted!! This getting up every morning at 6 AM is about to kill me.  I am all about no alarm clocks and relaxing in bed with my iPad for as long as I like in the morning.  I have not had my iPad bonding time and I miss it!! We are in booth 1419, so stop by and say hello, check out the new patterns and see what we have available in kits.

Luckily we don't have to change much in our booth to go from Market to Festival.  The biggest challenge will be adding about 8 more quilts, but I have the utmost confidence in Paula - I know she can do it!!  Here are some pictures of our booth for Market: 
Old City Gates

Charlotte (Indigo collection) and Regimental Stars

Hanging quilts: Regimental Stars, James River, Wilderness Road, Gettysburg

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen


  1. Have loved doing the BOW, would definitely do it again.
    Thanks Kathy

  2. Thank for the BOW! I have had fun. Lovely to see your booth. Sure wish I could be there.

  3. I love these quilts. I sure wish I could see them up close. We begin full time traveling next year so will come visit. I also enjoy this BOW but wish I could sew and piece better for a block to be pleased with!

  4. This was wonderful! You're patterns are so exact and fun! Please do one for winter! Thanks Amy