Sunday, December 1, 2013

Post Thanksgiving Fun

I realize it's been awhile since I've posted, but now that we are into the "Holiday Season" all bets are off on frequent posts.  I did manage to accomplish quite a bit after Market/Festival and right now I'm waiting for everything to come back from the quilters - 2 flannel Christmas quilts (they are actually back, bound and ready to give as a Christmas gift), 2 baby girl quilts and 1 flannel "cheater" quilt for my nephew.  I will post some pictures when I have them back.

I did mention that I came home with a re-do for our Harriet's Baskets and I've actually made a lot of progress on that.  The handles are made with the bias maker that uses the fusible web, but let me tell you that no matter what the instructions say, I still can't do it right!!!  After attempting 2 handles, I packed it all up and sent it to Paula - she apparently is the fusible web wizard!!!!  I made the bottoms - more my speed - just plain piecing - and now I'm working towards making the complete baskets.  Here's a picture of the bottoms - don't you just love the fabrics!!!  Wait until you see the sashing fabric!!!

I've also gotten on the hexagon bandwagon and have actually made a few blocks.  I've found that I like to switch from machine sewing to handwork at night.  Plus it helps to be able to hear all of my regular shows at night if I don't have the sewing machine going!!!  Wireless headphones are on the Christmas list to help with this problem!!!

We've had a houseful for Thanksgiving.  Megan and Brian arrived on Tuesday and Brett, Mere and the girls arrived on Friday night.  It's been so much fun having everyone here and tomorrow we add to the fun by heading to Walt Disney World!!!  The girls are 5 and 3, so this should be a fantastic time.  7 adults and 2 kids - great ratio!!!  I'm so excited!!!

Megan is the Social Media Content Manager for GE Appliances and today was the cookie baking shoot for an upcoming post.  She mixed up the snicker doodle batter and Sydney and Julianne were the "rollers".  Caitlin assisted by making the cookie balls and the girls rolled them in red and green sprinkles - family tradition to change from cinnamon to sprinkles for Christmas!  Brian was the cameraman and I provided the Christmas decor!!!  The official pictures focus on the cookies, but I went for the "full picture"!!!  The girls had a great time and loved that they got to help Aunt Megan!!!
Making cookies
Sydney working hard!!
The best part - eating the cookies!!!!

Next on my list will be switching over from Fall decorations to Christmas decorations.  I've got a lot coming up over the next couple of weeks, so I have a feeling it's going to be a minimal decorating year!!!  We'll have to see how it goes!!!  I love how the house looks when it is all decorated for Christmas, so I'm sure I'll get something done!! Everyone's pictures on Facebook, blogs and Instagram are making me realize how far behind I am!!!

Just a reminder, in case you haven't received an email, we are having a Monday Madness Sale. Each Monday (for the next few weeks) we will feature one kit at 25% off.  Quantities are limited, but if you shop early you should be able to pick up some great gifts!!!  This week's kit is Legacy.

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen