Thursday, May 29, 2014

Post Market and Pre-cruise

I really hated to go back and see the date of my last post, but then I remembered all the things I did between then and now and I realized why it's been so long!!  Probably the best thing that can be said is: "There is life after Market!!"  Although I did hear a vendor say:  "And now we begin the countdown to Fall Market" and this was just after Spring Market started!!  Ugh, please just a little bit of breather!!

I worked right up until 11 PM on the Tuesday before my Wednesday flight to Pittsburgh for Spring Market.  I can honestly say I had a major hand cramp after I finished the bindings on 3 full sized quilts (96" sq, 83"x103", 86"x100" - I just felt the need to share that so you understand the depth of my pain)!!  Paula and I decided to not have a booth this time, but 4 of our quilts were going to hang in the Marcus Fabrics booth and we were teaching a Schoolhouse session.

It was really strange to actually just walk around and look at the other vendors.  I kept saying we need to get back to the booth and Paula would remind me we didn't have a booth!!!  Major senior moments!!  I did take some pictures of the Marcus Fabrics booth and the booths for some of the other Marcus designs.  Here we go:  

The Marcus booth was big and actually went around 2 corners, so I couldn't get all of it.  Check out the Marcus blog (Marcus Mentions) for some great pictures and more information.

Part of the Marcus Fabrics booth. 
As I mentioned, we didn't have a booth, so here's our corner of the Marcus Fabrics booth. All of the quilts we showed were from Paula's 4 newest collections.  From left to right:  Hampton from North Hampton collection, Foursquare from Paula Barnes Companions, Parker's Crossing from R & B Taverns. And in front, a re-do of  A Quilt for Alice from Olde Townhouse collection.

Studio 37 is an in-house designer group at Marcus and this new collection, Precious Beginnings, was a real hit.  I sure wish there was a new baby coming because I think I would use this collection.
Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts had a beautiful display, but you need to watch for her new program that will be introduced soon.  If you love red, you are going to want to participate in this one!!  Information will be coming to your local quilt shop very soon!!

That's Paula visiting Pam's booth, maybe to pick up some Twizzlers!!

The Quilted Crow Girls from Australia are new designers with Marcus Fabrics and their new BOM program, The Seasons on Pomegranate Lane, features their new wool and print collections.  Another must have!!

Nancy Rink of Nancy Rink Designs has some great BOM programs, but check out her new one, Color Love, featuring her new collection, Color Love!!  Information on all of these programs will be on the Marcus Fabrics website.
 I've been busy with all sorts of other things since I got back home.  Paula and I are leaving on a 7 day cruise with the Olde Green Cupboard girls on the Freedom of the Seas on Sunday. Paula is teaching Glory Bound and I made up the kits for the class.  About 1/3 of the I way in, I was wishing we had invested in a laser cutter, but the kits are done, packed and ready for the class!!  These are the yummy darks and lights Paula picked for the kit.

I also finished the queen size version of Bordeaux for my son and daughter-in-law.  I had started it in January, but once I got involved in the Market quilts, it was set aside.  They kept seeing posts of the business quilts and wondering where their's was.  I had to remind them in the quilting business world, family quilts often come last.  It is done and went out with today's shipping to the quilter.
I made a list of all of the pre-cruise items I needed to finish before we could head over to Port Canaveral and today was shipping and laundry.  Yesterday was definitely a fun day - mani/pedi and haircut and color - a veritable day of beauty!!! But I can happily say, the shipping and laundry are DONE!!!  Tomorrow is pack and pick up Paula at the airport.  Think we're planning a little Mexican for dinner tomorrow night, so we will hit Agave on St. Pete Beach - queso, chips and margaritas!!  Good way to start a vacation, don't you think!!!

Here's a final photo:  This was taken in the closet of our hotel room.  Paula and I are alike in many ways, but apparently quite different in our clothing styles and color.  Can you guess which side of the closet is Paula's and which side is mine?
Time to put a binding on one last quilt and then I can truly focus on our upcoming cruise!!

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen