Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Harvey Update and Other News


First up - We want to thank all of you for your concern about Paula and Hurricane Harvey. As many of you know, Red Crinoline Quilts is based in Houston and both Paula and I lived in Katy, TX at one point, but now I'm in St.Petersburg, FL and Paula is outside of Houston in Richmond. I don't know about you, but I've spent the last 5 days glued to the TV as I watched Harvey destroy Houston and its surrounding towns.  I felt totally helpless. I had so many friends over there and all I could do was watch and worry.  I've been in constant contact with Paula and our friends and fortunately the majority of them made it through the storm unscathed. Next up is to see how our warehouse survived!!  Keep your fingers crossed on that one for us. -UPDATE: Paula checked the warehouse and it is dry!!!! You can uncross your fingers now!

Houston was hit with a crushing blow and it will take a long time for it to recover from this, but Houstonians are strong and they will bring it back - bigger and better - it's a Texas thing!! If you are wondering what you can do, may I suggest making a donation to one of the numerous charities that are there to help them. 

Next up - have you seen Martingale Publishing's newest book - The Big Book of Civil War Quilts?  It was just released and features 58 patterns for reproduction fabric lovers; patterns that have been in previously published books. I quickly browsed through when my copy arrived and there are some great quilts in here!! We are very lucky to have 2 of our quilts from Tributes and Treasures in this book. Wheatland is on page 36 and Plantation Road is on page 144. It's always so exciting to see our quilts in print.  Guess I'll have to visit my local JoAnn's and have my silent moment of celebrity.  Maybe I'll take my niece with me; she's very good with the whole: "Aunt ME are you in this book?  Is this one of your quilts?"  You just have to train them right!!

Plantation Road

Reminder - Paula is teaching 3 classes at Stitchin' Heaven in Mineola, TX.  Space is still available, so sign you!  I guarantee you'll have a great time AND make a beautiful quilt or three!

Last up - Our newest BOM - Bristle Creek Farmhouse!  This will be coming to your local and online quilt stores very soon.  The quilt is done and now I'm preparing the shop kits for shipment next week.  Quilt stores will be sharing pictures and starting signups.  The program will begin in January 2018. Hope you will join us for this beauty!
Bristle Creek Farmhouse BOM - 95"x95"

Time to head to my sewing machine!!

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen