Thursday, June 25, 2020

Simple Star

Simple Star is one of our most versatile patterns and I can honestly say that we have probably made about 10 different versions. Most of them are based on a border print that just screams "use me" and then Paula selects lights and darks that coordinate with it. 

Paula called me the other day and suggested I write this post because July 4th is just around the corner and our newest version of Simple Star is done in red, white and blue. What could be more perfect. July 4th is just 9 days away and you know you need it to go along with the other red, white and blue you have in your house right now!

Patriotic Simple Star finishes at 60" and is perfect addition to your home. Added bonus - it is super easy, hence it's name!! One year I made 9 of them as Christmas gifts for the girls that worked for us (and us too). They were in Christmas flannel and I still have family members begging for one. Here's our red, white and blue version and the fabrics that we used in the quilt:

You can also use 4 lights and 4 darks. We choose to use 1 light in this version.

Click here to go directly to our website if you are interested in ordering the kit:
You know you can have this finished by July 4th! 

For those of you with a "stash" or not interested in a patriotic version, here's the link to the Simple Star pattern. The pattern shows another version we did and it's hard to see, but the quilter did some trapunto when she quilted it. Thank you Crooked Creek Quilts for another beauty!

I love to decorate for the seasons and holidays and I have to say I have stepped up my summer/patriotic decorating. It's not up to the level of my Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving or Christmas decorating, but I am working my way towards that level. I've added new table toppers, pillows and even some floral, but I'm on the hunt for some red, white and blue plastic/Melamine dishes and another quilt or two. And now I'm thinking the Patriotic Simple Star would be perfect in my house too, but unfortunately it's over in our warehouse in TX - Paula, quick, send me the quilt!! I thought I would share a little of my decorating. It is certainly not up to the level that I've seen on FB and Instagram, but remember, it's a work in progress.
The pillows are from a kit from Country Sampler and the quilt is "Betsy" from JJ Stitches

Both pillow covers are from Pottery Barn and I got them on sale - YAY!!

Love my red flowers, but I think this needs a flag or two! The mini quilt is from Country Sampler.

Month 2 of our Monthly Mystery Mini Quilts Series is winding down and people are sharing their month 1 quilts. I love what everyone has done. Great color selections in all of these. Keep up the good work and keep sending me pictures! 
Karen McKnight
Diane Williams

Tammy Berry

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Catching Up

I keep thinking I have all the time in the world to do things, but I forget that my days are actually pretty full. I joke with family and tell them that quilters have been training all our lives for this whole self-isolation thing. We may actually use up some of our "stashes". So much of what I've been sewing lately is for a new book that Paula and I are working on, so I really can't share any of that (secret sewing). But today I have some new things to share!

Our fabric order for Paula's new collection with Marcus Fabrics, Madison Square, arrived and our dear friend Jackie spent last weekend cutting and assembling kits and fat quarter bundles. AND they are on our website. So without further ado, here are our new kits:

The Waltz - yummy browns and pinks complement the gorgeous brown and pink border.

Pinwheel Triangles - this pattern is part of RCQ Favs #4. This is our third version of Pinwheel Triangles and each time is just as beautiful as our first. I love the pink toile as the inner border.

Madison Square fat quarter bundles: 18 fat quarters. 

Clicking on the links will take you directly to our website to place orders. 
     The Waltz kit
     The Waltz pattern
     Pinwheel Triangles kit
     Pinwheel Triangles pattern (RCQ Favs #4)
     Madison Square fat quarter bundle 

We've really appreciated all of the positive comments for our Monthly Mystery Mini Series. Thank you so much. Month 2 is underway and Month 3 will be posted July 6. Paula is going to head back to the warehouse and see if she can design another round of 3 minis. Here's a couple of Month 1 minis from friends that used their own fabric. Great jobs ladies!!
Pieced by Karla

Pieced and quilted by Pat

Please send your Mini 1 and Mini 2 versions to us:
We would love to share them on our blog.

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen