Thursday, March 26, 2020

Staying Safe

Stay safe, self-isolate, social distancing - these are all words we've heard frequently in the past few weeks. The coronavirus has arrived and it has changed our world significantly. I pray that none of you are dealing with Covid-19 first hand. We are all trying to find ways to deal with this daily threat - humor, prayer, avoiding the news, etc. I've enjoyed the memes on Facebook and as a retired librarian, particularly the ones about homeschooling. Laughter does help to ease the tension, even if it's only for a few moments.

I congratulate and thank all of the quilters that have stepped in with sew-alongs on Instagram and the tutorials for making face masks. I question the people that are hoarding food and toilet paper (why??). This is a time when we should be coming together as a country and helping each other out. If we work together, we will get through this.

For me, social distancing is a way of life. I spend the majority of my day in my sewing room working on quilts and projects for Red Crinoline Quilts and I love every moment of it. I should probably take some of that time and organize my sewing room or something along those lines, but I'm very happy doing what I do; well until I had issues with the cabinet near my sewing table. Dang wheel broke and I had to unload the whole thing so I can figure out how to fix it. That wouldn't have been too much of a problem, but my husband had to assist with the unloading. Really didn't ever want him to see all those kits that are stored in the bottom drawer!! Now you have to understand that I have a room full of fabric, but somehow having him see me pull all of those kits out of that drawer just gave me a fright. I was just waiting for the comments and there were so many he could make, but fortunately he kept it to - wheel probably broke because that drawer was so heavy. I agreed and moved on quickly!! Time to reorganize that cabinet when I figure out how to fix it!

Aside from the cabinet issue, I've been busy working on quilts from Paula's new collection - Madison Square. This collection should be in stores around May 1st. We decided to make 2 quilts from these yummy pinks and browns - a re-do of Pinwheel Triangles and a new quilt, Madison Waltz. Pinwheel Triangles is one of the quilts in the pattern, Red Crinoline's Favorites Collection #4. There are 3 small quilts in each of our Favs patterns and we now have 7 of them. It's an easy quilt - just HST's and a border. And even easier when someone makes all of the HST's for you - thank you Paula! Here's a picture of our latest version.

Madison Waltz is currently being pieced, but here's a picture of the fabrics we're using. Don't you just love that border??

We will have kits for both quilts when the fabric is available. I've linked both the fabric collection and the pattern for you. 

Up next will be quilts for Paula's next two collections: Indigo and Madder (7-1-20) and Little Companions Shirtings (8-1-20). I fell in love with the large floral for Indigo and Madder and can't wait to start our re-do of Star of the West. I don't think Paula has designed a quilt for Little Companion Shirtings just yet, but it won't be long. I've linked the two collections to the Marcus Fabrics website so you can see all of the fabrics, but here's a little peak at Indigo and Madder and it's quilt. (Sorry about the blurriness in the quilt picture.) 

So many pretty things to look at. I hope it helped to relieve the stress and tension of these crazy times just a little. Please stay safe. Practice social distancing - if not for yourselves, then for the people around you.

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen

Friday, March 13, 2020

Plans change

Unfortunately the coronavirus has struck again. The Dallas Quilt Show has been cancelled. Paula learned that this morning on her way to the show to sell kits to all our wonderful, loyal customers. It is a crazy time we are going through, but this too shall pass and all will be right in the world again. We totally understand the reason for cancelling and credit the Quilter's Guild of Dallas for their valiant attempt at making a go of it. Here's a couple of pictures to share of what you would have seen in the booth. Another beautiful set up and display from Paula.

So as we all settle in for self-isolation, self-quarantine and spatial distancing (what they are doing where my daughter works - separate the employees in the office), check out our website and order the kit you were considering and make yourself happy with a new project. Order a pattern and dive into that stash to make your own version. If I had extra toilet paper, I would even tell you we would throw in a roll of tp with each order, but I can't even offer that!! Pick a good show to binge and relax and take advantage of this time if you can. I realize many of you will be heavily impacted by schools closing and workplaces closing, but we are strong and will get through this.
We are still planning our retreat for next week and I will share the pretty things we will be working on. Post pictures of what you are creating - quilting, knitting, crocheting, painting, etc. - share it all!

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen

Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Weekends are made for fun. Paula and I recently spent a great weekend at our retreat at Camp Blanding in Starke, FL. 100+ women in a very large room in the Armory building that sits right on beautiful Kinsgley Lake. You certainly can't find a better location. It's a great 3 days of fun, food, friends and a little bit of sewing. We definitely have fun, but we don't always get a lot done and that's ok. I thought I would share some of the beautiful quilts these ladies were making while we were there.
Congratulations Diane on your completion of Bristle Creek Farmhouse! It's beautiful!!

This is Darlene's Dear Jane quilt and it is gorgeous. She's still working on it.

Congratulations Geraldine on your very first quilt!! This is for her grandson.

Diane F. did a fabulous job on Latte. I remembering watching her doing some of the embroidery!

Laurie's Circa 1880 Nine Patch by Pam Buda is well within sight of a finish. One more retreat and it should be completed!! Way to go Laurie.

Karla designed this mini and it's just adorable.
And now for upcoming weekends - Paula will be vending at the Dallas Quilt Show this weekend - March 13-15th. Sponsored by the Quilter's Guild of Dallas, this show is always filled with good vendors and beautiful quilts. We've been vending here for at least 12 years and have always enjoyed it - even the year of the flood!! I'll actually been there on Sunday to help Paula with load out and the drive back to Houston because we have another retreat starting on Monday. This time we'll be with some fellow designers at And Sew It Began retreat house and shop in LaPorte, TX. Our good friend, Ronda Stockton, owns And Sew It Began and let me just say, it is a fabulous retreat house and the shop is adorable and chocked full of things you just need to take home with you. Guess I'll be bringing an empty suitcase for this one!

Here's the info on the show:
Dallas Quilt Show
March 13-15, 2020
Friday, Saturday - 10:00 - 5:00
Sunday - 12:00 - 5:00
Dallas Market Hall 

Paula will have kits for all of our newest quilts: Indigo Baskets of Plenty, Tree of Life, Woven Heritage, Second Hand Clothes, Crosstown Pavement, Ancient Stars, Jubilee Celebration, Remembering Sue, Anna Ella and the minis from RCQ Favs #7. Hope we'll see you there, but remember if you can't attend these kits are available on our website: 

I'm looking forward to our retreat. I can't wait to see what everyone else is going to be working on. Paula's fabric for Madison Square arrived, so I'll be working on our quilt, Madison Waltz. Madison Square is Paula's new pink and brown collection. I've linked pictures on Marcus Fabrics website, but here's the border. It's just yummy!

Paula has been busy designing, so watch for quilts in these collections very soon.

Can't wait to get my hands on these fabrics too!!

I thought you might want to see a couple pictures of my van packed for retreat. My husband took the van for gas before we left and when he returned he told me that he had moved something because he thought it blocked my view. Paula and I just smiled, thanked him and reminded ourselves of all the trips where Paula's truck pulled our trailer and we could never see out the back window!! That's what sideview mirrors are for!! Oh well, I can't complain, he filled up the gas tank for me and helped load all that stuff!

Until next time, happy quilting!
Mary Ellen