Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Announcement! Announcement!

We are pleased to bring you a new quilt-along - Monthly Mystery Mini Quilt Series. Yes, we are known for big quilts, but we do love a good mini quilt and we have 3 adorable ones to offer you. What's the mystery you ask?  Well we're only going to show you the fabrics that are in each of the 3 kits, not the quilts themselves. Quilt size you ask - 1 is approximately 25" sq and 2 are approximately 33" sq. Don't want to purchase a kit, no problem. All 3 patterns will be free downloadable ones, so if you are one of the lucky ones with a "stash" you'll be able to use some of that for these minis. Yardage requirements will be provided when each pattern is released.

We are offering the individual kits at $35 (plus shipping), but we also have a special - all 3 kits in a combo pack for $95 (plus shipping). That's a $10 savings.  Kits include the fabric for the quilt top and binding. Kits will be available throughout the program, but quantities are limited. 

Here's a preview of the yummy fabrics that are included in each kit. Links for purchasing the kits will be provided.

Month 1 - this is a scrap lovers delight. The free downloadable pattern will be available on our website on Monday, May 11th. 

Month 2 - this is an adorable blue and brown quilt. The free downloadable pattern will be available on our website on Monday, June 8th.

Month 3 - this is the cutest little blue and cheddar quilt.  The free downloadable pattern will be available on Monday, July 6th.

Interested in purchasing the combo pack for $95, click here.
                                            Monthly Mystery Mini Quilt Combo Pack

We hope you'll join us in this new program. We look forward to adding more minis to the series.

Are you participating in Marcus Fabrics Heroic Hearts Tote Project? We still have kits available. If you are designing your own, please remember we would love to see pictures of what you've created.

Until next time, stay safe and create!
Mary Ellen


Thursday, April 16, 2020

Still Staying Safe

And it looks like we may be doing this for a few more weeks, depending upon where you live. I keep telling myself that we will get through this and we will. Stay strong, people.

I learned something the other day. Apparently I am on trend in the fashion industry. I told my daughter that I am basically wearing the same 7 short sleeve v-neck shirts and black capri pants every week; she, in turn, told me that I have a capsule wardrobe. Who knew that was a fashion trend??? Honestly, I am quite tired of my capsule wardrobe and look forward to the moment I get to go out and wear a nice blouse and pants! This capsule wardrobe is probably going to be donated to Goodwill as soon as this is over!

I also learned that ear piercing holes don't grow over in 2 weeks! It's been that long since I've worn earrings! 

Paula hit the warehouse the other day and located our fat quarter bundles. We don't usually sell fabric on our website, but we decided to change it up a bit and have added 3 bundles to our website. Here's a picture of each bundle and a link to the website.

Mood in Blue  - 19 fat quarters

18 fat quarters

22 fat quarters

I thought as long as I'm sharing things from the website, I'd share our Tree of Life quilt that is in the Blue & White Quilts book from Martingale Publishing. We were so honored to be part of this book. I'm sure many of you have already purchased the book and are trying to decide which one you want to make for yourself (or as a gift). We can make that happen for you with the Tree of Life quilt. We have a kit and it includes all of the Star Single HST papers that you will need for all of those HST's. (I promise not to tell you how many.) Kits are available with the book or without. We are also selling copies of the book.
Blue & White Quilts book
Tree of Life quilt kit

And finally, watch Facebook and Instagram on Monday for the Marcus Fabrics designers (Marcus Block Stars) new program : Heroic Hearts. We have something planned to help you celebrate the heroes, your heroes, that are fighting to help us all as we weather this pandemic.

Until next time, stay safe and create!
Mary Ellen