Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Heading North

Yes, it's time for our yearly excursion to NY as we search for relief from the heat and humidity in Florida.  We'll be stopping in Louisville first to see daughter #1, her fiance and their new home (and celebrate her birthday) and then on to Syracuse so Peter can do the week-long Erie Canal Bike Ride and then finally a week in Ballston Lake with son and family (the granddaughters!!!). I know it's been two weeks since my return from our river cruise and you would think I would have found some time to share pictures, but needless to say I didn't.  I actually have about 3 posts worth of pictures, info, updates, etc. to share with you, so I am actually going to try and write 2 or 3 posts tonight and schedule them.  I'll be spending the next day and a half in the car (UGH!!) and then birthday celebrating and 4th of July celebrating, so it will be awhile before I post again, so with the scheduled posts I can share and not feel like I've abandoned the blog again!!

So for tonight's post I think I'll share what has kept me busy for 2 weeks.  (Sidebar - I am writing this while the US/Germany Women's Soccer game is going on and the US just scored their 2nd goal - YAY!!!)  I left on the river cruise just shortly after Spring Market and the completion of the new Block of the Month quilt, so I decided to concentrate on some "personal" sewing.  Paula has a number of new collections in the works, but she doesn't have her fabric samples yet, so nothing for me to sew.  During this post-Spring Market period, she's been dealing with completing all of the pattern orders and putting all of the new patterns on the website.  Click on the pattern name for a link to our website for ordering.
New patterns:
  Blue and Gray - featuring fabrics from Paula's Companions collection. A kit is also available for this quilt.

  Tanner Legacy - featuring fabrics from Paula's Tanner Crossing collection.

  Davenport - featuring fabrics from Paula's Davenport Garden collections.

  Union Tents - featuring fabrics from Paula's Historical Stripes collection.  Template included in the pattern. Watch for kits for this quilt on our website in about 3 weeks.  This quilt is made from 1 10"x10" fabric stack, 1 light and a striped border print.

  Richmond - also features fabrics from Paula's Historical Stripes collection.  Template included in the pattern.

  Sherman's March - features fabrics from Paula's Companions collection and a new border from Paula's Border Companions collection.

Our group at the Camp Blanding retreat has another block exchange due in September, so I decided to get those done - I know how busy I'll be in September!  We are exchanging Star Blocks using Deb Tucker's Wing Clipper ruler - reproductions and lights. Here's my box of stars all done and ready to be exchanged!  Man, that feels good. (Sidebar: THEY WON!!!! - on to the Finals - guess I know what we'll be doing Sunday night!).

We've also had a group express some interest in doing little Dresden Plate blocks, but we've been unsuccessful in finding the right size template.  We wanted a small center and most of the templates have a large center even with small blades.  Finally, at our last retreat, Pat brought in these adorable little Dresdens that she was making.  It fit our needs and Gloria was off to Cinnamon's to buy some templates so we could all practice. We're using Suzn Quilts - Tiny Dresden Plate Template.  It makes a 4 1/2" finished block and we love them.  Can I just say that some members of the group (Phyllis and Pat, you know who I'm talking about) have started making their Dresdens and all I can say is:  they have gone down the rabbit hole!!

My first 2.

Temecula Quilt Company posted a pattern for little flags - to celebrate Flag Day - and the next thing I knew I had made 4 of them.  Great pattern and easy!!  I already had the jar, so this was a quick project.  

About a year ago I started working on some larger Dresden Plate blocks (8" finished) in some soft colors (mostly Moda's Simplicity collection from a few years ago) and they had been put away unfinished, so I decided to finish them up.  I've even planned the quilt that I'm going to make with them - I think that is a step in the right direction and a major accomplishment for me!!  They'll be appliqued on a light print 10" square.

So much of what I was able to get done was due to the late arrival of some fabric I ordered for a t-shirt quilt I was making for our niece's high school graduation.  I had planned these two weeks for some specific projects and this quilt was one of them.  Needless to say, the fabric arrived on Thursday and I had to put aside other projects so I could concentrate on that.  Sorry, no pictures yet, but best news - it is almost done!!  Just a few more signature blocks to add and it's a wrap.

I did spend some time on a Red Crinoline project - our Egg Baskets quilt - you know, the one with all of those 3" finished baskets. I was able to make another 60 of them.  I can't remember how many more I have to make, but I know it's a bunch!

My sewing machine, table, supplies and projects are packed and ready for the month away.  I'm know I have more than I will ever get to work on, but I like to be prepared! I'm actually hoping that maybe Julianne and Sydney will want to sew again.  We'll be having Grandma/Grandpa camp, so anything is possible.  First on the list - I want to go see Inside Out and Minions!!

Until next time, happy quilting!
Mary Ellen



Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Out the door again!

It's been crazy around here - as usual - and I know I promised pictures from Spring Market.  Paula was in the booth alone, so she didn't really get a chance to get out and see much, but our dear friend Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts did get a few of their fellow Marcus designers, so I am sharing her blog post today.  Check out Pam's post Down the Aisle at Spring Market for some great pictures of the Marcus designers.  Thank you Pam for letting me share that.

I've spent my post-Market time on some personal sewing - quilt for Caitlin's new apartment, baby quilt and exchange blocks - and I will share photos next time, but right now I'm getting ready to head out the door for our Rhine River cruise - 4 days in Amsterdam and then 7 days on the Tranquility II, an Avalon river boat.  I will share pictures when I return!!

In addition to the usual tourist stops, I plan on visiting Den Haan and Wagenmakers for some of their gorgeous Dutch Heritage fabric.  I even packed an extra duffel bag to help me get my purchases home!!

See you in about 2 weeks!  

Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen