Monday, October 9, 2017

It's Big Sale Time

Did you know that there is a website that lists all of the "special" days for each month - National Cookie Day, National Shoe Day, Columbus Day, etc? Paula found it and would you believe that October 15th is "I Love Lucy Day"? So in honor of I Love Lucy Day, we are going to have a BIG SALE!!
Monday, October 9th - Sunday, October 15th, 
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  Enter the code: I Love Lucy
Planning this sale got us thinking about that show and some of Lucy's greatest adventures: the chocolate on the conveyor belt and the grape stomping to name just a couple.  She certainly had a knack for getting herself in some trouble. There were times when we were on the road traveling to and from quilt shows that we were channeling our inner Lucy and Ethel.  

Paula has no problem backing up the trailer into just about any space and I usually just act as a guide - someone to aim for! (Some day I am going to get the vest and those flashlights that they use at airports!) On one trip we decided to do a little sightseeing up this nice country road.  Well needless to say, we realized halfway up this hill that this probably wasn't a very good idea. We had no clue where this road was going to lead us - someone's driveway -  so we decided to turn around and get back on the main road.  You don't just turn around a truck and trailer on a narrow country road with ditches on each side; instead you back down the road and turn your tail end to the right so you can pull forward and go in the opposite direction, to that main road you decided to leave!  For some reason the trailer was not cooperating and all my "Paula you need to go to the right" screams weren't helping, in fact they were just making Paula more upset. I had visions of the trailer ending up in one of those ditches.  Finally Paula decided she just had to let the trailer go the left and we would go down this road in the opposite direction of where we planned.  We had no clue what was at the end of the road and if we would finally be able to turn the trailer around. Well as luck would have it, the road dead ended in someone's farm!!  We pulled in, smiled our sweetest smiles to the whole family that had come out to see who had come for a visit (remember Paula is a Southern gal, so she has some real skills in this department) and graciously asked them if we could turn around in their front yard!! The gentlemen assisted in directing us and we were out of there and back on the road in a matter of minutes. Lucy and Ethel for sure!!  After that we decided to just stick with the Garmin - no more adventures! I swear sometimes we are doing a standup comedy routine!

Remember, it's 20% off your entire order!!  That includes Patterns, Notions and Kits. Check out some of the kits you'll find there.
Hampton Ridge BOM complete kit
Hampton kit
Hampton close up

Hampton Close up

Banks Retreat - featuring Paula's Heritage Reds collection

Kennesaw Mountain
Kennesaw Mountain close up
Kennesaw Mountain close up
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Until next time, happy quilting,
Mary Ellen